Marie- Elise Bettens

Hi all,

Late offer, only received it now...

To celebrate Greenpeace's 50th anniversary, GP Germany is coordinating the publication of a high-quality book with texts and images on our rich history. We want to offer you the possibility to order a copy (or more) for yourself or loved ones, as memory or gift, up to you :)

>> Order your book(s) NOW (deadline March 25):…

Book specs:
27 x 24 cm Bound cover, 240 pages
Text / images: 50:50
Shop price: 24,90 €
Relevant languages: English (most likely also French, Dutch unlikely)

* Preface by internationally renowned figure(s), think the Obamas, Greta,...
* History of Greenpeace and its connection to world events
* Presentation of each office, with a self-written story and images
* 1-2 graphic novels
* 2 literary texts about the future and GP's role in it (1 utopian - 1 dystopian)
* Photo gallery about the beauty of the world
* Epilogue: dreams/hopes from (former) colleagues and key influencers