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Hey folks! As you may know, the multinational chemical company Ineos wants to build a new facility in the port of Antwerp. They specifically wanted to build a PHD-Unit (propane dehydrogenation unit) and a ethane cracker, this project was called Ineos Project One. But now, because of massive protest from the public with the help of Ineos Will Fall (IWF), they will only try to build the ethane cracker. Before they can build the cracker, they first need to get a permit to start building.
If Ineos would get to finish this project this will mean that they will emit millions of tons of CO2 and the product they are making is the raw material that is used for producing plastic so this will lead to even more plastic pollution in the environment all over the world. That is why we need to stop Ineos from getting a permit to start building in the port.
So please sign the petition below, It will benefit us all!!!

If you want more info on Ineos Will Fall then you can always check their website via the link below.

PETITION: https://www.11m.be/petitions/stop-ineos-project-one
IWF WEBSITE: https://ineoswillfall.com/english/