Workshop: How to be an activist and not burn out trying

Maimouna Doumbouya Mobilisation team

FR- Le training se fera en Anglais.L'inscription via ce lien est obligatoire. 

 NL- De training zal in het Engels zijn.Registratie via deze link is verplicht.



Wellbeing and resilience for more joyful activism 🌎🌎


📌 Have you ever felt anxious, exhausted, upset, pressured, or sad 😩 in your circles of activism? 🤔 Saving the planet is an empowering, exciting, and super motivating mission 💪🌎, but it can also burn us out  🔥 , and sometimes it feels like it’s all too big.


📌 In this workshop, we’ll work on how activism moves us, as well as the ways in which it can burn us out and cause damage. Collectively, we’ll build wellbeing and resilience strategies to ensure we’re looking after ourselves and our community, and that our activism is happy, joyful, and of course fun!


👉 Greenpeace invites you to be part of this safe space over Zoom for a 2.5-hour workshop on activist burnout on the 25th of November at 6:00 pm


👉👉 Please register your interest in filling this form by the 22nd of November and we will email you all the details for joining.


If you're a volunteer, you can also participate to this training.


We are waiting for you and, if you have any questions or else, please feel free to add a comment!