Workshop Green Life Choices

liesbeth de Jong

Workshop : Your unique Green Life Choices

Move, Draw, Write

Do you want to live a ‘green life’ in modern times and do you often feel squeezed between the two of them? You are very aware of the fact that your choices and actions leave an ecological footprint and you want to reduce it, but you regularly feel you are not doing enough. Then I invite you to join me in this workshop. 

For the workshop you will define the area in which you want to reduce your footprint, like your Carbon or Water Footprint or Zero Waste. During the workshop you will explore your ‘green life’ theme through guided exercises: movement, drawing and writing. 
And at the end of the workshop you will create a personal dedication to reduce your footprint and define concrete steps that you would like to take.

No experience in dancing, drawing or writing is needed. Just a willingness to move and an open mind.

Date :          weekend 15 &16 june
Scedule :    10:00 - 17: 00 (1 hour break)
Location  :  Greenpeace Brussels 
Price :         Free   
Maximum : 8 participants

Language :  English (with punctual translation possible to Dutch or French)*

Facilitator: Liesbeth de Jong  
Teacher Life /Art Proces ® (Tamalpa)

Life Art Process ® is a somatic practice that supports us to transform our life in 
accordance with our deepest desires for ourselves, others and the planet.

Information & Inscription: 

For more information visit the website or contact Liesbeth de Jong. 
Places are limited, so inscribe early!

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* a basic understanding of English is needed, but depending on who is present you can certainly partner up with someone who speaks your language